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Viewpoints By Drew Cekada

Microblog: WATCH: PI Apparel LA 2023 Recap

We're back from PI Apparel LA with some great takeaways. Senior manager Hadley Bauer caught up with the Kalypso team at the event to get their thoughts and top insights. Insights include how organizations are being challenged to scale and realize the value of virtualizing, automating and applying analytics

Article: Navigating the Analytics Minefield

RFA applications for advanced analytics and artificial intelligence abound, from product discovery, to design and product creation, to manufacturing.

Microblog: Consumer Innovation Shout Out: Can the Brits of Walpole Save the North Pole?

Walpole announced the launch of the British Sustainability Manifesto, a committment on behalf of its member brands to become global leaders in sustainability. 

Microblog: Consumer Innovation Shout Out: Walmart & The Rise of Retail Robots

Are robots the future of retail? Walmart is betting so, recently announcing plans to build an autonomous workforce.

Microblog: Consumer Innovation Shout Out: The BMWxTNF Collab Camper

Debuted this month at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the FutureLight camper is the brainchild of an unexpected collaboration between the innovation teams at The North Face and BMW’s Designworks Group.

Microblog: Consumer Innovation Shout Out: Sustainable Fashion Looks to the Sea for Solutions

Sustainability minded start-up, AlgiKnit, was recently awarded another €100K prize for their revolutionary seafaring innovation, a wearable kelp-based biopolymer for mass-market use in footwear and apparel. This yarn-like textile alternative represents a significant step toward a more ecological, scalable, renewable and compostable future for the fashion industry.

Microblog: Retail Innovation Shout Out: Target’s Secret App for Connecting Super Fans and Designers

Target's secret app helps bridge the gap between consumers and product developers, improve product selection and provide the retailer a competitive advantage in the fast-paced retail space.

Microblog: Retail Innovation Shout Out: 3D Printing the World’s Fastest Shoe

Nike unveiled Flyprint, the first 3D-printed textile upper in performance footwear history.

Microblog: Retail Innovation Shout Out: AI-Inspired Love Letters

Since 1847 “conversation hearts” have been a staple of the Valentine’s Day tradition, but in 2018 these chalky little treats have come into their own with a major digital update – artificial intelligence.

Microblog: Retail Innovation Shout Out: Love Is In The Air

If you want a slice of the $19B Valentine’s Day bump, the time has come to think “experience over product” and to provide your customers with a memorable moment they can share together. Or on their own.